The Busy Mom’s Diet Plan: A Way to Stay Healthy in Your Chaotic Life

Every new day is filled with love, activity, potential complications, and yes, the chance to eat. If you are like most moms, the dynamic nature of your life means that when you eat, and what you eat can sometimes be hard to predict. If you want to bring your weight down a bit, making the right, and reasonable diet choices can be difficult indeed. Here are a few ideas that just might help.

Keep the Problem Foods Out of Your House

Everyone has certain foods that spell trouble. Whether it is potato chips or German chocolate cake that is your downfall, consider keeping it out of your home. That way, when you have the craving for these foods, you’ll have to make the effort to go and get them. Chances are after you consider the effort needed, you might reconsider.

Play Can Be Exercise Too

Most medical professionals advise to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. What mother has time for that? Well, thankfully, exercise doesn’t have to mean following an aerobics instructor, and doesn’t have to be all at once. Instead, chase the kids around the house, or take everyone for an evening walk. Or challenge your kids to a pick-up game on the court, or a dance contest in the living room. By being active, you’ll not only grow your family bonds, but also shrink your dress size.

Eat a Little to Tide You Over

Of course, there will be times that the only choice is a fast food hamburger, or a piece of chocolate cake. As a busy mom, you know this better than anyone. This kind of food is fine in a pinch, but try not to make a habit of it. Instead, eat a small amount, just enough to tide you over until you get home. That way, you can use the healthy food you have at home to make a more nutritious snack or meal.

Being a busy mom can certainly feel chaotic at times. The tips provided above will hopefully ease some of the chaos in your life and help you maintain a healthy diet as well.

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    I am a psychologist/life coach/ wellness consultant and in BOSS with you! Your words here are so helpful. I will refer many people to them. So mnay women I come i contact with are struggling with this issue. They don’t take care of themselves, live in burnout or on the edge and need some practical strategies. Thanks for the “do-able” steps.

    Choose to Be Well,

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    Hello, all the time i used to check blog posts here early
    in the break of day, as i like to learn more and more.

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