7 Ways to Get Unstuck

Everybody experiences rough patches in life. Perhaps you had a less-than-ideal childhood or endured challenging situations as an adult. If letting go of your past has been difficult, living in the present will bring more joy and fulfillment to your life and set you up for a brighter future.

Regardless of your past experiences, you have the ability to move forward and begin living in the present. Admittedly, this will require some time and effort, but you can practice any time you like.

Try these suggestions to inspire your desire to stay in the moment:

1. Accept the past. Whatever the situation that has you stuck, now’s the time to make peace with it. The event has already happened.

• Maybe it was something you couldn’t control. Perhaps you were a victim or survivor. Or maybe you made a mistake. How did the situation make you feel at the time? How do you feel about it now? Once your feelings are clear to you, you can move forward.

2. Recognize that your past doesn’t define you. We’ve all heard people who’ve experienced a challenging event say, “It’s made me who I am.” If taking that stance works for you and you can move on with your life, that’s great. If not, know that the situation doesn’t have to make you who you are.

• You have the power to define your own existence. From now on, you can be whomever you choose.

3. Let go. Allow thoughts and feelings about the situation to float away. Use visualization to imagine a large black balloon filled with the troublesome event. Let that situation and your feelings float away from your world.

4. Take a detailed look at your life. Do you live where you want to live? Are you doing the kind of work you want to do? Maybe you’ve spent enough time wishing, hoping and researching. On the other hand, maybe when you examine your existence, you’ll realize you already have all the elements of a great life.

5. Right now, start to create the life you want. If you’ve already got what you want, great! You’ll have less work to do. If you’re unsure, read on.

• We’ve all heard a story about how someone saved the good china to use for special occasions. Years passed, the china stayed in the cupboard, and guess what? The china wasn’t ever used. No occasion was ever gauged as “special” enough.

• Do you regard your life in the same way? Are you waiting for the future to come so you can live in the place of your dreams, pursue your beloved goals and take part in the activities you want to do? There’s no time like the present to live the life you want.

6. Immerse yourself in each moment. Regardless of the list of things you have to do, spend your moments fully engaged in whatever you’re doing right now. You’ve probably experienced the frustration and irritation of being involved in one activity while you’re actually thinking about another task or activity you need to complete.

• Make a special effort to focus on whatever’s going on at any given time. If you’re watching a movie, totally focus on the plot, scenes and characters. If you’re working on a project for work, screen out everything else and put your all into it.

7. Consciously connect with your emotions. Examine how you feel. Are you energized? Is your mood melancholy? How do you feel about what you’re doing right now? Increase awareness of your own emotions throughout the day as you go from task to task. Living in the present means living consciously.

When you live in the present, you’ll enjoy your life more. So wherever you are, be there in body, mind and soul.

When you allow yourself to feel however you do about an event, task or situation, you’re acknowledging to yourself you deserve the time to live your life to its fullest. Learning to live in the present will empower you to experience the fulfilling life you desire.

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Melt Away Stress with Yoga and Visualization

Yoga has started to change the world, one person at a time. The superstition, oddness, and the concept that it is a practice solely for easterners has simply vanished. Yoga is all about stretching and strengthening. Sleeping better and lessened stress are just a few of the many benefits of yoga and one of the major benefits is that  it helps you live a longer, healthier life!

There are several types of yoga. One type many are  familiar with involves stretches, breathing, and poses that help massage organs, increase blood flow. This particular type leaves you with renewed peace. Complete yoga includes balance in your life; diet and all aspects included.  Keep in mind that yoga should be chosen based on classes you can attend. This way you will find the best fit.

Yoga relieves stress via breathing and living a healthy, balanced, lifestyle. This kind of life will increase the health of your systems. Your system functions very well when it has the nutrients it needs to run on – so diet plays a  huge role.  If you are looking for more stamina, strength, and ways to deal with physical stress, then yoga is for you. Long and deep breaths oxygenate your blood in a very helpful way. Sleep is also a huge benefit of yoga and is important to your mind and body’s recovery each day.

Visualization & Yoga:

You can add visualization to your yoga. This is even more effective, relaxing, and removes even more stress than before. You will use images in yoga visualization that will guide your moods. You must not think of sad things, stressors, work related visuals; all of that will bring you down and will not help you in your yoga and will create stress.

Focus on beautiful, peaceful images that take you away. Visualize things that lesson stress in your life and body. With  practice you will become very good at this exercise. This takes time and patience, but these techniques are great tools that you will want to acquire and keep in use.

Mastering yoga takes time, but it is a process in which you are successful and grow every day. Consider doing this exercise with your partner to relieve both yours and their stress. You will have less stress in your body for doing so, and you will remain healthy, happy, and sleep much better.

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