Light Up Your Love Life This Holiday Season

The holiday season offers lots of opportunities to spark your romance. Couples can draw closer together and singles can search for new connections. Even if the weather outside is cold and snowy, these tips will warm your heart.

Romantic Tips for Couples

  1. Spend time together. Take a break from the holiday bustle to give each other a little special attention. Spend some evenings at home before the fire or hold hands while you take a long walk through the freshly fallen snow.
  2. Create special rituals. Invent your own holiday traditions. Make a tree ornament each year and watch your collection grow over time. Watch an annual marathon of holiday movies and TV specials served up with eggnog and toasted nuts.
  3. Be nice to your in-laws. Earn some brownie points by being kinder to your partner’s family. Encourage your kids to make crafts that they can give to their grandparents or set up a special outing for them if they live nearby.
  4. Exchange meaningful gifts. For example, if you honeymooned in Paris, give each other tickets for a return trip with reservations at the same hotel. For the years you can’t get away, pick up a special bottle of French wine.
  5. Extend your hospitality. Your relationship will grow stronger from sharing your blessings with others. Invite your neighbors over for brunch. Donate your old books to a senior center and volunteer to read them aloud.
  6. Reminisce and plan ahead. Look back and remind yourself of happy memories. Share with each other the qualities you value in each other. Set goals for the future like starting a rose garden in the spring.
  7. Stay physically fit. Keep your love life strong by taking care of each other. Avoid holiday weight gain and exercise each day. Manage stress and stick to a regular sleep schedule. Give each other a new gym club membership.

Romantic Tips for Singles 

  1. Build up your confidence. Social pressures can sometimes make people uncomfortable about being single. Remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments. Develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.
  2. Take charge of your own happiness. Your life has value regardless of your marital status. Act happy and you’ll soon feel better. Devote your time to meaningful activities and those good feelings will endure.
  3. Socialize more. If you want to meet new people, you may need to go out more. Accept those holiday party invitations or throw your own potluck gatherings.
    • You may be more comfortable with an activity like ice skating instead of making conversation at cocktail parties. Bring along a friend if you’re hesitant to show up alone.
  4. Focus on others. If being single causes you any distress, distract yourself by looking for ways to help others. Pass around the snacks at parties. Chat with people who are standing on the sidelines. Join the welcoming committee at your local professional association.
  5. Dress up. The person you are inside is what really counts, but attractive packaging has advantages, too. Put your best foot forward by buying some new shoes or a handsome necktie. Experiment with a new hairstyle or makeup that will make you feel irresistible on New Year’s Eve.
  6. Pace yourself. The holidays can be a challenging time to start a new relationship. Exchange modest but thoughtful gifts if you’ve only dated a few times. A book or bakery treat can show you care without being overwhelming. 

Celebrate the holidays by spending more time with the ones you cherish and by reaching out to new people. The love and affection you give away will return to strengthen your old relationships and create new ones. And that’s truly something to celebrate, all year long.

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8 Strategies to Strengthen Your Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is what enables people to bounce back after difficult experiences. Fortunately, this is a skill that you can develop to get through stressful times with greater ease.

Methods for Becoming More Emotionally Resilient:

1. Know your purpose in life. It’s a big endeavor, but discovering your purpose in life is fundamental to your ability to navigate challenges. Some people find meaning in their faith traditions and others define it in secular terms. Whatever approach you take, being on a mission keeps you motivated.
2. Set realistic goals and make specific plans. Some things are beyond your control, but smart planning can enhance your stability. Set goals you can achieve and break them down into manageable steps.
3. Be aware of your emotions. It’s easy to get swept away by strong emotions. If you can be mindful of what you’re feeling, you can give yourself room to evaluate the situation before reacting. Rather than exchanging angry remarks, acknowledge that a co-worker’s criticism in front of colleagues embarrassed you and look for a constructive solution.
4. Practice patience and persistence. Make a commitment to yourself to see things through even when difficulties arise. For example, if you get declined after one job interview, transfer your energies to the next opportunity.
5. Slow down. Sometimes you get more done by slowing down. Lack of sleep or perpetual multi-tasking can cause stress to build up. Give yourself a break to refresh your mind.
6. Act happy. Just trying to appear happy can often help you lift your mood after a setback. Treat yourself to a funny movie or call a friend who always makes you laugh.
7. Learn to ask for help. Make it easier for your loved ones to support you. Practice asking for help in a respectful manner while being specific about what you need.
8. Be generous. The more you give to others, the more likely they are to reciprocate in your time of need and the better you’ll feel about yourself.

Emotional resilience is a powerful asset for accomplishing more in life and experiencing greater contentment. Protect your physical and emotional health by learning how to adapt to challenges.

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