6 Ways to Handle a Short Fuse

Life’s stressors and issues can surely trigger development of impatience and intolerance in anyone. Have you found that you’re becoming more impatient with those around you? Would you consider yourself as someone with a short fuse? Do you get upset over the slightest of things?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it’s time to work on identifying techniques to tackle your disposition to impatience. There’s definitely nothing good that can come out of giving off that negative energy!

Here’s Your Starting Point

Using these tips can give you a jump-start in effectively dealing with your short fuse:

1.      Identify the source. One of the crucial elements in developing a plan to tackle impatience and intolerance is to identify just what gets you in that state. Once you’ve been able to pinpoint that, answer the following questions:

  • Why does it make you impatient or why are you intolerant in such an instance?
  • Is there an alternate response you could give as opposed to impatience or intolerance?
  • Could the outcome be more positive if you avoid that source altogether?

2.      Be conscious of your responses and reactions. This is perhaps one of the most important steps to correcting how you deal with issues that cause you to lose patience. The more often you stop and acknowledge your flare up, the sooner you’ll be able to grab hold of it before things get out of hand.

3.      Count to ten. As simple as this seems, it’s definitely very effective. Counting to ten gives you the opportunity to rethink your response. What you’ll find is that giving yourself a chance to “cool down” before responding will result in a more favorable outcome for you and any other party involved.

4.      Recognize the impact on you. A firm bit of advice would be to stop and consider how your actions and reactions are affecting you. Impatience and intolerance often lead to issues with health, such as high blood pressure. Becoming conscious of what you could be doing to your body will help you fight the urge to respond negatively.

5.      Recognize the impact on others. Apart from creating a stressful scenario for others that could possibly lead to health complications, have you ever thought about the emotional effects? Impatience and intolerance can lead you to make degrading, humiliating statements that could severely traumatize others.

  • Spend some time contemplating the possible effects your actions have on others.
  • Ask those around you how they feel when you display impatience and intolerance.

6.      Meditate. Meditation can lead to a newfound calmness that could impact how you respond to the actions of others or challenges that typically cause you to lose patience. Introducing meditation to your daily routine will surely have positive effects.

  • Listen to daily inspirational audio recordings that you can meditate on during the course of each day.
  • Engage in deep meditation once a week while at home.
  • Introduce soothing melodies and songs to your work and home environment that can change the mood in the air and subsequently impact you in a positive way.

Instinctively, you’ll want to display the negative responses you’re accustomed to displaying because it’s much easier than trying to contain them. It’s certainly an easier road to walk on, however, it is certainly not the most positive or beneficial road!

Reach deep within and find the urge and sincere desire to change how you respond to things that normally irritate you. Focus on these tips and allow yourself to learn more positive approaches one day at a time. You’ll be glad you did!

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How to Help Children Deal with Stress

Stress is a huge part of life but not the part that runs it! How we deal with stress is the key. As a parent, mentor, or grandparent (whatever your role may be) makes sure to convey how you deal with stress as being the key ingredient.

It is abnormal to see children today – just relaxing. People are constantly putting expectations and demands on children. Chronic stress in children is increasing – enough to concern health care individuals.

Listen to a child to make sure you notice what is going on with them. Make sure they are not overly stressed. Signs are: whining, isolation, acting out, lack of patience, stubbornness, lack of focus, headaches, stomach aches, lethargy, and more. Pay attention to these signs to see they are from stress or if they are simply a case of misbehaving.

Teach children to know the difference from relaxation and stress. Explain how stress makes a person feel – stiff like a piece of wood or when they are relaxed they may feel like a wet noodle. Help them visualize what relaxing and becoming stressed looks like. Help them practice relaxing. This way they can notice when they are becoming stressed and take action to stop the feelings associated.

Remain calm and be available as a care giver. Let them know they CAN come to you to talk about anything at all. Spend time alone with them to ensure they are comfortable. Be patient with the child. Step by step is the motto – they are learning.

Most importantly – HAVE FUN together! There is a lot that can happen while laughing – healing and basically turning back stress and years from your life. Play games, watch silly movies, exchange silly jokes! You will both be glad you did.

It is so important to remember that stress happens to everyone and how you deal with it is what will show on your face. If you become a wonderful wielder of stress – you should think of yourself as a champion – teach a child this skill and you will be investing hugely in them!

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Attracting Positive Relationships

Positive RelationshipsAttracting relationships that are good for you and of course the other person is very important. Have you ever asked yourself the following question? “Do I attract bad relationships or positive ones?” The answer to that question can be very enlightening especially when the ultimate goal is to attract positive relationships.

Here are few steps that could really help you in this process:

Know – Know that you deserve a wonderful and loving relationship. You are worth the time it takes to invest in those that will love and nurture you. Don’t feel that you cannot have what you need. You can!

Positive Thoughts – You’ll be amazed at how your actual thoughts can attract individuals around you. Think positively and you will attract positive people around you. Negative thoughts only drag the negative around you.

Patience – Be patient, love yourself in the meantime. You will not find everything you need in a relationship overnight. You have to spend time getting to know yourself and nurturing yourself in order to be ready to thrive in a relationship with others. When you find a relationship that seems like a great one – don’t rush it – let it unfold naturally. You will not regret it. Pushing can force the person to leave. No one wants to be pushed relax, slow down, and enjoy it.

Transparency – If you are not honest with yourself – others can sense that. They will push away from you because if you are not honest with yourself, how can you be honest with them? Being genuine with others and letting them in your life (your REAL life) will make them want to invest time in you. Who wants to spend time with a fake person?

Cherish – Cherish the relationships you have and let them know that you do. Taking care of each other in this life is so important and makes everything worthwhile. Whatever relationships you have, cherish them!

Cut-Offs – Don’t let the funky stuff hang around. Don’t keep people or items around that makes you go downhill. Get the garbage cleaned out of your life so that you have room for the beautiful things. You wouldn’t paint a beautiful painting only to let someone eat a big messy meal right on top of it would you? Remember you must clear the negative to make way for the positive relationships you need in your life.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily but it always tastes sweeter than the short-cut alternative. Pass up those short-cuts and push through for the golden ones.

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