Nurse Sore Muscles Back to Health With These Home Remedies

The discomfort of sore muscles has plagued us all. Regardless of our age, a stressed muscle can become sore when we start an exercise regimen, perform excessive manual labor, or even stay seated in the same position for too long! These aches and pains can make performing necessary tasks unbearable.

Soothe your aching muscles and nurse them back to health with these natural remedies:

1. Take a break. If your sore muscles are a consequence of overexertion or exercise, continuing the strenuous activity won’t help ease the soreness. Therefore, you should take a break from the routine so your muscles get a chance to recover.

  • Muscle soreness from overexertion is the result of microscopic tears in the muscle tissue caused by the stress of the activity. Your body needs time to repair itself.
  • If you start to experience soreness or stiffness during an activity, stop for a while.

2. Soak in Epsom salt or vinegar. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate and can replace lost magnesium in the body, thus helping to keep the muscles pliable and loose. Vinegar is very effective at pulling out lactic acid from the muscles, which contributes to soreness.

    • Fill tub with warm water.
    • As the tub is being filled, add two cups of Epsom salts or two cups of white vinegar.
    • Soak the body, especially the sore muscles, for half an hour.

    3. Use an ice pack. If possible, apply the ice immediately as soon as you feel the soreness. Keep the ice pack on the sore area for about 20 minutes and then remove it for another 20 minutes. Repeat the process a couple times. This process works great for muscle soreness due to injury. The ice helps reduce the inflammation and allows your body to repair itself.
    4. Get a massage. Usually, muscle stiffness and soreness is also accompanied by restricted blood flow. A massage can help stimulate the flow of blood around the sore areas. Here are some helpful tips:

      • You don’t need to pay for a professional massage; all you need to do is gently rub the area yourself.
      • Apply this technique right after you’ve applied the ice pack and you’ll get better results.

      5. Boost your potassium levels. If you’re susceptible to muscle soreness or stiffness, it’s very possible that your potassium levels are low. You can quickly raise those levels by eating more bananas, which are rich in potassium.

      • Drinking lots of water can also help to relieve and prevent stiff, painful muscles.

      6. Apply apple cider vinegar. Depending on the source of the soreness, you can do either a warm compress or a cold compress. Soaking the compress tool in apple cider vinegar is a great way to extract the lactic acid that contributes to sore muscles.

      These home remedies are excellent for nursing your sore muscles back to health. Ignoring the soreness or disregarding it as something that will eventually pass may not be the best idea! Make every effort to heal the muscles before jumping back into your usual routine.

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      Natural Stress Relief Remedies

      The busy-ness of our lives does not help us reduce stress nor does it energize us. Meetings, deadlines, pressure, all do not help us live a stress free life. Stress can age us, keep us from sleep, zap our energy,  and even lead to sickness. We have be sure to find time  to relax every day. Herbal remedies are a great way to do this. Tea or an herbal supplement can really help a person relax.

      Here are a few to research:

      • Kava Kava: Helps with relaxation, eases anxiety, cures insomnia. This herb has similar effects as the drug valium but is completely drug free and natural. There is no addiction or fogginess that follows with Kava Kava. The affects are potent so be careful what you do under the effects of Kava Kava.
      • Lavender: This essential oil helps crying and fussy babies relax and be well. The effects are the same with adults. If you massage lavender oil into your skin, you will feel calm and relaxed.. Try using it in your bath or rubbing it  on your temples.
      • Valerian: This is a wonderful herb for curing insomnia. This herb calms the nervous system and relaxes you. It removes stress from your life. This herb also helps you get a wonderful night’s sleep. It will help you feel refreshed and ready to face the next day.
      • Reishi: This supplement is wonderful for treating stress that is caused by a racing mind. It makes you feel calm and clear in your mind. This has no sleepy side effect either. You do not have to have a sedated feeling to sense calmness. This herb also helps you sleep if you are a person who has a hard time “turning off” your mind to go to bed.

      Herbal supplements take time to notice the full effects. Take them properly and have patience, they will work you must wait to see the effects and be happy because you are using natural remedies that do not have negative side effects. As always check with your doctor before using herbal supplements with prescriptions to avoid drug interactions.

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      Not All Supplements are Safe

      I’ve talked with many people who are adamantly against taking medication, but will take natural remedies because they believe they are safer and better for your body.

      The Today Show had a very interesting segment on 12 supplements to avoid.

      Take note of the “Blue Man.”

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