Use Your Car Less and Save Money and Be Healthier

Automobile emissions contribute a considerable amount of air pollution and the accumulation of greenhouse gases. The less you use your car, the better it is for the planet and the more money you can save on car expenses – particularly with the price of gas going up and up and up.

But it’s not only gas money you save when you cut down on the use of your car; your tires last longer and you can go longer between oil changes and other maintenance as well.

Reducing our automobile use is something we can all do to improve our air quality, the health of our planet, and our pocketbook.


Not only can carpooling reduce the number of cars on the road, but many urban areas have faster lanes designated just for cars with multiple passengers. See if any of your neighbors want to get together and share a ride to the grocery store or the mall. Maybe some of your co-workers live nearby and would like to share a ride to work – you can alternate drivers daily or weekly.

Walk or Bike to Work

Consider walking or biking to work if the weather and your situation permit it. You’ll not only use your car less, but you’ll improve your health and fitness in the process.

You might even be able to ultimately get a reduction on your health insurance premium if you’re currently overweight and you lose the extra pounds by walking or biking to work.

Use Public Transportation

Check your local public transit information for schedules of buses and trains that serve your area. Typically these services hit the high traffic areas like shopping centers and downtown areas.

While it may be less convenient, you may be able to largely eliminate your dependence on an automobile. Take advantage of not having to drive by using the time to read or listen to your iPod.


Telecommuting can be a great way to minimize your car usage. Ask your employer if you can stay home one or more days a week and work from the comfort of your home office. Saving the time and cost of your commute are added benefits.

Consolidate Trips

Many of your shopping destinations are located centrally. The goal is to do all of your shopping in one trip. You can do your grocery shopping and buy your clothes as part of the same excursion. Again, you’ll be saving time and saving money on gas.

Reducing your dependence on your car can go a long way toward contributing to improving the air quality in your area. All of these ideas will not only lessen the use of your automobile, but they’ll also improve your life by saving money, saving time, or strengthening your health.

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Healthy Ways to Feed Your Family on a Budget

Finding healthy ways to feed your family can often be challenging because it’s not always the most affordable option. However, with just a little creativity, it’s very possible to find healthy, budget friendly food choices so your family and your pocket can reap the benefits!

Tips That Can Instantly Save You Money!

Consider the following tips that are sure to cater to your wallet and your palate:

1. Eat out less often. Eating out less often has two wonderful benefits:

  • In one instance, your expenditure on food will be significantly less because eating at a restaurant is often pricier than you might realize.
  • In the second instance, eating out doesn’t allow you to control the ingredients in your meals. Even if you order something that sounds healthy, there’s a strong likelihood that the overall meal won’t be healthy enough for your liking.

2. Grow your own veggies and herbs. You’d be surprised at how much savings you can accrue if you grow your own vegetables and herbs at home. Even if you have a small home with very minimal outdoor space, it’s still possible to have your own garden in pots.

  • Fresh herbs and vegetables are tasty and healthy, yet quite expensive if you buy the organic versions at the grocery store. By growing your own, you’ll know that they’re organic, picked at the peak of perfection and nutrition, and you’ll save money as well.

Cooking Techniques That Are Affordable and Healthy

Try these healthy cooking ideas for a change of pace and more change in your pocket:

1. Go grilled, not fried. If you have kids in your family, then there’s a great chance that they will want kid friendly meals like fish fingers or chicken nuggets. While those items may not necessarily be very expensive in the supermarket, they’re not as nutritious as their grilled counterparts.

  • It’s easy to avoid the unhealthy way of preparing these things for your kids by grilling or oven-cooking their favorites.

2. Use homemade condiments. A great alternative to unhealthy store-bought condiments is to make your own relishes and sauces at home. The added benefit is that they’ll be much less expensive than the grocery store variety.

3. Make your own juices. You’d be surprised at how much sugar or artificial sweetener is contained within many of those “zero sugar” juices on the market. Why not save yourself the extra dollars and your family the extra calories by making juices yourself? Fruits are relatively affordable – especially if you buy them locally and in season – so buying your own and making your own juices is a healthier and more affordable option.

Many people end up choosing the more expensive and less healthy eating options for their families simply because they assume healthy eating is more expensive. While it can be more expensive in certain instances, a little creativity and imagination can definitely allow you to have a healthier option on a budget.

So now is the time to put your thinking cap on and find smarter ways to eat with healthier and money-saving outcomes! Your limited pocket doesn’t have to equate to limited nutrition; find creative ways to make “1+1” equal healthy and affordable alternatives!

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