Insomnia and Depression a Common Link

Depression can greatly affect insomnia. It is hard to rest when you have anxiety and stress in your life. Did you think that a lack of sleep might be part of the cause? The information below should help you in your research about this topic:

The typical picture of depression is not the only picture. Simply because a person chooses to stay in their room, does not mean they are asleep. Only a small percentage of depressed people get more sleep when they are depressed. The majority of them are not sleeping well at all. If someone wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep – that is a tell tale sign of depression. Even if you get six hours of sleep a night, it is not enough and will become a problem over time.

Treating the depression, will not eliminate the sleep disorders. Studies have shown that the sleep disorder is what starts the depression not the other way around. If the sleep disorder is treated in time then the depression can be prevented typically. It is important to know that depression feeds a sleeping disorder. Treating the insomnia can reduce the depressive episodes.

Depression affects how much rest a person gets and the quality of such rest.  It is typical to notice longer REM sleep, skipped early stages of sleep, and memories that have been incorrectly converted in a more negative light than they actually were in folks that suffer from depression. Researchers believe that depressed people and their families stay in this negative REM sleep even if they are not currently depressed.

The relationship between sleep and depression has not really been completely determined. It is obvious that there is a relationship between quality of sleep and depression. It is important to know – if you are prone to depression and are experiencing insomnia, you should get medical help right away to avoid getting into a depressive episode. We must keep our minds and bodies healthy in order to prevent worse problems down the road.

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