Stress Tests

Stress is a part of our everyday lives. We already know this so why do we need a test to tell us so? Stress tests are more than a litmus test for determining if you have stress. They evaluate the body’s responses to stress. In other words, they tell you how your body is dealing with stress.

We all experience stress in some way. How do we respond to it? Some people cry, shout, scream, or just give in to the situation. There are many ways to view a stressful situation, but unfortunately they are not all good responses.

When our stress is bad enough or consistent enough, it affects our bodies in negative ways. We don’t always pay attention to what our bodies are saying to us. It’s like our heads know better than the rest of us so we just keep pushing on until our bodies have had enough and begin to retaliate.

The point of stress tests is to find out how our bodies feel before they go postal on us. Since we won’t listen, the doctors and clinical psychologists will. There are a variety of stress tests that people can take part in to determine how their body handles the stressors around them. The results of these tests can then assist in helping to deal with them in more positive ways for both our bodies and our minds.

Physical Stress Tests

These are the most common stress tests. Most involve the affects of stress on our hearts. Let’s face it. If the heart isn’t happy, we won’t be long for this world. The heart pumps blood throughout the entire body and to the lungs where our bodies exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.

During a stress test, the participant walks on a treadmill or, in some cases, rides a stationary bike. During the test, a clinician monitors heart rate and blood pressure. This exercise stress test can indicate if you have problems with your heart that can be caused by stressful situations. People who learn how to manage their stress will usually perform better than those who have no outlet.

Other Stress Tests

Another physical stress test is the Thallium test. This involves injecting the patient with radioactive isotopes of thallium to test for blockages in the blood vessels of the heart.

A Barium test is performed to evaluate stress on the digestive system. When we are under stress, the stomach empties slowly but the colon empties faster than normal. Conducting a barium test over time will show how the digestive system is being affected by stressful situations in your life.

Mental stress tests are conducted by a psychiatrist or psychologist. Through a series of pointed questions and responses to photographs, it is determined what type of personality you have. Based on that, your profile will determine if you are more or less prone to stress and how to manage it.

Stress tests are one way to determining if stress is negatively affecting your life. Some people don’t even know that their bodies are suffering under the weight of stress until something catastrophic happens. Avoid unnecessary pain with a stress test.

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