Power of Influence

Power of influencPeople have the power to influence… once they get the recipe – they work it and it works!

There are those that have more talent, this is stating the obvious. The power of influence helps maintain a balance in nature. There are several types of human influence that separate individuals. Influence is the key that leads to leadership and change, but influence is the glue and defining thought in hard times.

Influential forms: socialization, leadership roles, advertising, sales, peer pressure, and marketing. It equals power, authority, advanced knowledge, wealth, better careers, attraction, strength, and more. Influence leads persuasion – which leads to others followership.

It’s not only about possessing things or goals you want, it’s also about high self esteem, confidence, having a outstanding attitude, optimism, intelligence, and more. Influential experts create authoritative roles for themselves in their fields of enterprise – they wield their skills over their skill group and do it with ease.

Influence is not about doing it alone necessarily – it is also about groups as a whole: families, businesses, companies, etc. , There is a sphere of influence that can easily be found over a territory or group where they may have mastered the market – blasting others out of the market.

Influence can also manifest in the sheer number of people that are involved in a particular business. Basically the company owns the business that supports the families. It provides jobs for all the people who support their families – this is a lot of power and responsibility – this is huge influence.

Politics and governance are also a huge area of influence and power. Politicians and government leaders influence people every day – they do this with leadership capabilities and through their governing capacities. Their sphere of influence is over their constituents, who are responsible for voting them into that powerful position. The constituents rest their confidence in them to lead and govern over them.

Police and military forces: they are influential as well. They maintain peace and order with their influence.

These are just a few ideas to make you think about powerful positions of influence – it is everywhere – you just have to look for it in your life.

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Free Yourself from Anxiety

Don’t let anxiety and worry take over your life – it can make you sick and can ruin your life! You have the choice to allow it to or not. There are ways to help yourself overcome this obstacle.

  1. Figure out what is stressing you. Is it something you can change? What is the true source?
  2. Be careful not to put blame on a secondary source when in reality the primary source is causing the stress. (in other words: don’t quit your marriage just because you haven’t dealt with something else that is truly bothering you – this will take some soul searching)
  3. Change: there are plenty of areas you can change in your life without throwing away a lot! Diet, exercise, attitude, volunteer, shop, study a new language and more.
  4. Spend some time on you!

Here are some tips and techniques to help you manage your anxiety:

  • Know your anxieties
  • Write them down
  • Breath
  • Visualize a better situation
  • Positively Affirm yourself: “I am…(insert positive statement that applies)”
  • Diet and exercise: take good care of yourself – it will really take care of you in return (and your worries!)
  • Seek support – if you need help – look for it – talk to someone – look online or in the phone book. Help is only a call away!

Learn by example. Watch and listen to others that have gone through hardships. Read books – you will read about someone that is worse off then you and who made it through. There are many success stories and free programs that will help you realize your strengths and stay away from anxiety.

Anxieties are a part of life but they don’t need to be the foundation of yours. You are strong and smart and you have come a long way – give yourself some credit – you deserve it!

Manage stress well and take the reins – they are yours to take – no one else will do it for you. Good luck – you are on the road to health and wellness and you will be so happy for all the work you do for yourself.

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Self–Esteem: Adults and Children

Self-esteem in adults and childrenParents have a huge effect on their children’s self esteem. Studies have revealed that there is a huge correlation between self esteem between adults and children. Your outlook hugely effects your child’s perspective in life. For example: a parent being unsocial makes the child unsocial, etc. This relationship can affect many areas of a child’s life and future.

Be conscious about things that may manifest in your child’s life. Role playing is the key in the growing years of children – you must role play the example for them. They see themselves in it. Self esteem is important because it makes a child proud of who they are and comfortable with who they are.

Children must gain acceptance with friends and not be reclusive in nature. This is responsible for allowing respect for an individual. This need occurs in the beginning of growth – it is always present. The need for self esteem is huge. The ups and downs of life are trained and harnessed by self esteem and attitude; also it is the same with inner battles.

As children get older they must take on the responsibility of developing there own self esteem. This happens by watching others. They especially watch parents. Humor is the BEST manifestation of self-esteem. It speaks of confidence and self acceptance. This also gauges how a person carries themselves in public.
Self esteem helps children want more. They will crave more attention but also want to satisfy their needs to feel good about themselves. It makes kids see things in a whole new light – a positive light. It makes them want to do more and to achieve great things.

Parents should always try to make a point to display a great showcase of self esteem and confidence. Don’t forget to spice it up with lots of positivity and humor. You will not be sorry you did. It is for your child’s future after all. You cannot let go enough in this area – really make a point of speaking of yourselves and others in a positive and confident way to set the example.

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